Getting the Best Eye Lash Extension Hollywood Florida

For all those who are looking to attain a long set of luscious lashes extensions are a dream come true. Just like extensions that are made for the head, these individual lashes will attach themselves to an existing hair and are often made of mink, silk or some other synthetic strand used to simulate a lash.

If you have ever imagined what it would look like to wake up with same gorgeous lashes you went to bed with, take one moment to read all about the wonders of eye lash extension Hollywood Florida.

1. It’s a very luxurious process.

The best thing about this procedure is how luxurious and sophisticated it is. You will lie down on special comfy cot while attentive specialists apply the beautification treatment to the soft sound of sensual Bossa Nova. This could be the most socially acceptable nap time a grown up could hope for. As if this were not enough, many of the salons in the region offer a complimentary massage while you lie relaxed on the cot.

2. Every lash extension experience is customizable.

Classic Mink Lashes
Hybrid Lash Extension by Mali

When your work is completed, you will then have a long set of lashes affixed to your eyelids semi-permanently. You can choose any length you’d like from a wide selection, but most women choose somewhere between 10 and 12 mm.

After the length has been selected, you can then choose the curl type. A “J” curl is a wide awake and natural look and the “C” curl is more dramatic and expressive. You can also accomplish a variety of looks with a combination of J’s on the outside and C’s on the inside.

Then you can select the materials that you like the best. There are Faux Fox, Faux Mink and even Real Minks and Human Hairs for a completely natural look. Most people go for the Faux mink option as this is attractive and quiet affordable.

3. Eyelash extensions last longer than you think.

If you treat them with care and precision, you can make your set of extensions last as long as a month and a half before the begin to look a bit shoddy and need replacing before the illusion is lost. You can also return to the salon every few weeks to get them touched up. However, if you are looking to save up a bit of money you can significantly prolong their lifespan by applying treatment yourself. Do this very carefully and only as directed.

4. Yes, you can wear makeup with them.

If you don’t like the idea of ditching your special hues, have no fear. They an all be applied here on your eyelash extensions. One caveat is that liquid based products can be damaging to the extensions. But you can still drag the line across the lash line. Use oil free makeup remover to keep your skin and extensions clear and with no damage.

Eye lash extension Hollywood Florida is the hi-tech solution to a more seductive wink and it is possible right here in your local area, just give me a call 941-779-7541 .

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