Microblading, digital hairstrokes, powder brows, ombre brows, combination brows

What even are they all?!

Lets start by saying, all are permanent cosmetic treatments, all place pigment into the skin – it’s just the methods that differ and the appearance.

Microblading: mimics eyebrow hairs, carried our with a manual hand tool, it has a blade made up of many pins, this method in effect makes tiny “cuts” into the skin where the pigment is placed. For the best healed results ideally. Hair strokes can also be achieved by use of a machine with an acupuncture needle – you’ll often hear these referred to as digital hair strokes.

Powder brows: mimics the powdery makeup look, this technique is carried out with a machine and acupuncture needle, this method makes lots of tiny dots in the skin there the pigment is placed. This treatment is suitable for all skin types. There is also much scope with this treatment as it allows us to create the likes of a soft powder brow or a more dense powder brow depending on the clients lifestyle and personal choice.

Then we have the combination – which for many can be the perfect option, the natural look of hairstrokes, particularly to the head and border of the brow, but then pixelated powder through the main body of the brow where we would naturally have more hair.

So which is right for you? One of the main factors will be your skin type and age, these two things aside, it will be down to your lifestyle and the appearance you are personally drawn to.

Powder brows is generally suitable for all skin types and all ages, there is the ability to bespoke the density of the powder, so for an older client they may want a softer powder brow, rather than a heavier more pixelated brow.

Microblading is best suited to skin that isn’t oily, no large pores and the younger skin – this helps ensure the hairstrokes will heal and remain as crisp as possible without blurring.

Ultimately, all PMU needs to be considered permanent, all techniques are entering the skin whether blading (microblading) or pixelating (powder brows) – both require dedicated aftercare to allow the skin to heal with care, and both need to have considerations for the long term longevity so as to limit the long term trauma to the skin.

There are so many factors to consider, but with the right artist you will be guided to making the right decision for you.

The original article is courtesy of Katrina Marie.

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